Taka Ichise's Noroi Trailer


I am always pleased to find a new Japanese horror film that at least can catch my attention. It appears as though the Asian side of horror is having a somewhat different problem than we are. They seem to be just taking the same idea and finding out different ways to spin it.

Taka Ichise's Noroi however has caught my attention for a couple of reasons. One it looks like this could actually be a good use of the Blair Witch documentary effect. Two, the movie just looks really bad ass.. Even the opening scene had me wanting more.

The story really focuses on a TV Journalist as he is trying to capture all sorts of weird phenomnon on camera. He begins to get calls from all over and he discovers that to every case he visits the victims eventually die. At each case he discovers that every case involves a similar name, Kagutaba. Soon he must discover who is behind all of this and he is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to find out.

Below is the trailer that the fellas at Twitch managed to dig up.

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