Sheldon Wilson's KAW Website and Trailer


You may remember Sheldon Wilson was the man behind Shallow Ground. A film that we followed VERY closely and even had some exclusive behind the scenes clips for. We were pretty pumped about the film and apparently everyone else was to. The DVD pulled in an amazing $1.2 million dollars in sales.

So what does the man have in store for us next? Well if you are a fan of those cheesy animals attack movies then this will be right up your alley. The film is called KAW. The story is pretty self explanatory, a bunch of Ravens attack a small town and madness ensues. They always make great films to grab a couple brews for and watch with a bunch of buds.

With this movie we also get one of my personal favorite actors from The Boondock Saints, Sean Patrick Flannery. So if you wanna check out more on the film and watch the trailer head over to the Official Website.

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