Dushku's Next: The Alphabet Killer


Rob Schimdt and Eliza Dushku are going to be teaming up yet again. There first film was an unappreciated Wrong Turn. Now they will be working on a new "thriller" loosely based on the unsolved 1970s Alphabet Murders in Rochester, NY - which claimed the lives of three girls, all having the same first letter in their names as the town their bodies were discovered.

Rob Shimdt spoke to Indiewire about the project and what to expect, "It's a very grim story about misery, but it's also about a woman trying to fix herself and I think the audience will be sympathetic to her."

Not sure if this movie will fit into the horror genre or not when all is said and done. But Rob Shimdt and Eliza Dushku together again is worthy of some coverage. They actually already have a website up for the movie that you can check out right here

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