CIA Gets Hollywood to help War on Terrorism

When the going gets tough, the CIA gets real tough and brings in Hollywood. What better way to fight the war on Terrorism then to involve the Hollywood machine. The terminator would kcik some bin laden ass and bring American Justice to the world I am sure.

Addressing recent criticism that its officials lacked imagination, a CIA official said the agency was willing to 'push beyond the traditional boundaries of intelligence'.

'We had our counter-narcotics and terrorism analysts meet Hollywood directors, screenwriters and producers,'

CIA's deputy director for intelligence Jami Miscik said.

The spy agency is interacting with 'people who are known for developing the summer blockbusters or the hit TV shows that often have a terrorism theme', she said.

The CIA also ran a round-table discussion with 10 science-fiction authors so intelligence analysts could see how the writers spun possible scenarios.

Good to see the American tax dollars hard at work.

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