Godzilla Raids Again DVD Winners


The giant freakalicious lizard is attacking and we are giving away a ton of dvds to fend it off... thats right we are fighting a mutant lizard attack with free stuff! This time its 2 free copies of Godzilla Raids Again, and we have chosen the 2 lucky forum members who have won.

This sequel to the original and hugely successful Godzilla was rushed to the theaters six months after the release of the first film.  Two new monsters emerged:  the first similar to the original Godzilla that was killed by the oxygen destroyer in the first film, and also named Godzilla, the second a spiny dinosaur called Anguirus.  The massive battle begins on Iwato Island, tumbles into the ocean, and resurfaces on Osaka, threatening to level the city under the monsters’ rage. The winners are DeathGate666 and SkiDog, congrats to you both, and good job on ANSWERING my email when I notified you. Remember when you register use an email you actually check or we will pick new winners!

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