Lionsgate Lost in The Backwoods


Lionsgate and Filmax Entertainment have a great relationship because everytime Filmax has a horror film up for grabs in the western hemisphere Lionsgate is all over it. They have actually bought up to a dozen films from them since 2000. So todays announcement should come as no surprise.

Today Lionsgate has purchased the North American rights to The Backwoods. The film was directed by Koldo Serra and stars none other than Gary Oldman. The Backwoods is set in Basque country in 1978. Two young couples on vacation stumble on a deformed girl in a cabin and, in a tale of mounting violence, anger local villagers when they try to help her.

The film has been done for quite some time and you can check out the official website right now. There is a trailer and all sorts of goodies there if you are interested. No release date has been announced but once we know we'll be sure to let you guys in.

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