Three New BrainDamage Films Explode on DVD


Being a fan of indie horror (most of the time) I like to keep up on what's coming soon to a local DVD shelf. Now, I have not watched any of these movies so I can't vouch for any of them so if they suck, well ........ tough crap cause you don't know where I live, so there. First on the list, on February 6th we have three, yes count them three releases from Brain Damage Films, A quirky little witch flick called Blood Legend, then we have Drawing Blood which is about a serial killer that come back to his previous residence and finds another family living there, well that will never do, will he politely ask them to leave? We shall see, and finally we have Sickness House in which a group of new year's eve partiers all get quarantined because one of them has a highly contagious lethal disease, no it's not Cabin Fever 2, that comes out later.

Then if that's not enough we have the psycho killer pizza delivery guy flick, Delivery (clever title, eh) starring Matt Nelson and Tara Cardinal (I don't know who they are either), directed by Jose Cassella and that hits shelves February 20th. Finally we have Sasquatch Mountain which was call Devil on the Mountain when it aired on the Sci/Fi channel a while back. This one stars Lance Henriksen, Cerina Vincent, and Michael Worth (Now them I know, Isn't Cerina a hot chick?). The DVD is pretty bare bones with a Behind the Scenes featurette and that's it, this one comes stomping through the forest on Jan 23rd.

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