Raimi is Aiming at the Small Screen


Sam Raimi has just formed a new small screen studio by developing Ghost House Television. Raimi has handed over the reins of the banner to former Tribune Entertainment and Universal exec William Hamm. They have also already announced the first project they will be working on.

Dean Koontz bestseller "The Taking" will be the first mini-series that the company will tackle. The book revolves around an apocalyptic rain that promotes an otherworldly invasion. Small-town thriller has as its unlikely heroes a husband and wife whose traumatic childhood may be key to beating evil.

Hamm told Variety, "It's not just about aliens coming to Earth to invade us. It plays on a spiritual level as well. And the end of the book you can interpret it as aliens or perhaps it's a second Noah's Ark because of the bad job we've done maintaining this world."

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