Prom Night Remake


Almost two years since the last update and another since the first announcement, it seems that things are finally in motion for the remake of Prom Night. In fact, Sony has even given it a February '08 release date.

There's currently no word if the previous details or reports on the project are still valid since so much time has passed, but hopefully we'll find out soon. It was said by Scripter that this time the story will be more supernatural and scary, but isn't that what they all say. If you haven't seen the original do your self a favor and check it out, I remember it being pretty good plus it had Jamie Lee Curtis in it.

Basically the plot was that a mysterious killer (aren't they all) hunts down a group of friends at their senior prom and it has something to do with the death of a young girl years earlier. Anyway I'm sure you are all glad to hear of yet another remake.

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