Nick Cage Ghost Rider Interview!


We already had the pleasure to read some great interviews this week and it looks like our friends at moviesonline are finishing out the week with a great interview with Nicholas Cage the star of the upcoming Ghost Rider flick. He answered some interesting questions on his Wicker Man remake which is hitting DVD's shortly. When asked if Robin Hardy had ever seen the film, and what he thought of the final project here is what he had to say Quote

I have no idea. I don't know if he saw it or not. I'm a fan of the original and I'm glad that I made the movie because they don't make movies like that anymore and probably the result of what 'Wicker Man' did is the reason why they don't make movies like that anymore. Again, it's kind of that '70's sensibility, but I'm trying to do things that are outside the box.

Sometimes that means it'll work and other times it won't. Again though I'm going to try and learn from anything that I do. I think that it was a great cast, and Neil La Bute is one of the easiest directors that I've ever worked with. He really loves actors and he really gives you a relaxed feeling on the set, that you can achieve whatever it is that you're trying to put together, but at the end of the day the frustration that I had with 'The Wicker Man,' which I think has been remedied on the DVD because I believe the DVD has the directors original cut, is that they cut the horror out of the horror film to try and get a PG-13 rating. I mean, I don't know how to stop something like that. So I'm not happy with the way that the picture ended, but I'm happy with the spirit with which it was made.

I know all us comic fans are keeping an eye out for this one, and have no fear it's not far off. He also speaks on his his upcoming sequel to National Treasure, the Wickerman remake from not too long ago and his love for the comic genre. i don't wanna give too much away but you can read the whole interview right here:

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