Silent Hill 2 Confirmed

Silent hill 2 has been confirmed, Christopher Gans plans to do #2 and to fix some issues that came up in the first one. First and foremost he doesnt want a hollywood movie. Not sure what he means by that. Quote ( via SilentHillForum )
One of his goals for Silent Hill 2 is to correct mistakes he made with the 1st one which cost him a lot of energy. However, he wonders if he can truly come back for a 2nd movie because of Onimusha.   He says that if he doesn't come back, producers agree with him that the 2nd movie should keep the visual aspect of the 1st one. There is no way they are bringing a whole new vision of the town's design. He doesn't want a hollywoodian movie. If he doesn't come back as a director, he strongly suggest an European (and even a French) one. He will however stay close to this movie."
We will all have to wait and see where this sequel goes. Are you excited? Frankly I am not the first one wasnt very good for me.
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