NECA Reveals '07 Lineup and Grindhouse Figures


NECA has just revealed its plans for most of 2007 and some images of the Grindhouse figures have surfaced. NECA has consistently put out some high quality figures over the years but I have to say that the announcements for the upcoming year are definetly going to break the bank.

The first figures we should see from NECA in '07 is the Winchester 2 Pack from Shaun of the Dead. Those are expected to hit sometime in February. Next up will be an 18" version of the Hannibal in Straight Jacket with Cart. Apparently they made some little alterations to the figure so he won't be an exact replica of the 7" released earlier.

They also announced that they are working on their Grindhouse line up along with another Tarantino project, Reservoir Dogs. Finally some kick ass Reservoir Dogs figures! NECA also mention another Hannibal Lector in his bloodied whites with a nightstick and a jail cell base. Lastly we can also look forward to two more Dawn of the Dead figures as well! Check out the Grindhouse figures below and read more indepth about the projects at the NECA blog.


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