Re-Animator Sequels Plots Unveiled


Brian Yuzna recently found time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about his career with a small website Eye On The Cinema. This interview talks about everything Yuzna has done and what he plans to do. Most importantly the new Re-Animator movies were brought up. Yuzna spilled the beans on what the films focus will be.

"The proposed first one, HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR would have West being called to the White House to re-animate the deceased Vice-President. Of course, by the time the dust settles, even the President has been re-animated and West is the power behind the throne. The second would be RE-ANIMATOR UNBOUND! West would have his own feifdom amidst a war zone. There his experiments take him directly in conflict with religion and face to face with the Old Ones of Lovecraftian lore. The final episode would be RE-ANIMATOR BEGINS. After having his mind pretty much erased by the trauma of Unbound! West is brought back to his senses (during which we get to see some of West’s boyhood) by a mysterious doctor who turns out to be his mentor Dr. Gruber’s niece. Back at the medical school in Switzerland (where it all began in the original RE-ANIMATOR) West recreates his early experiments, but makes the fatal mistake of breaking one of his basic tenants when he finds himself having feelings for....a woman."

I like the prospect of looking into Wests boyhood but the madman himself in love? I've never really liked the films when they bring in the "fallen in love" aspect. But hopefully they will be able to do it and make it entertaining. For the rest of the gigantic interview head over to Eye On The Cinema.

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