Popular Indie Horror Films of 2006


Its tough to put together a top films list, much less a most popular list. Goon is working on a list of what he considers the BEST films of 2006, my list however is not that. My list is the most popular 20 indie horror films of 2006. Keep in mind, popular does NOT always mean good. That said quite a few of the indie films on this list are well done.

  1. Risen
  2. Mortuary (2006)
  3. Death Walks the Streets
  4. Rottweiler
  5. Feast (2005)
  6. Horrors of War
  7. Shadow: Dead Riot
  8. Zombie Night
  9. The Stink Of Flesh
  10. Seraphim (2006)
  11. The Ocean
  12. Zombie Honeymoon
  13. Blood Deep
  14. Zombie Planet
  15. Worst Case Scenario
  16. The 8th Plague
  17. Live Feed
  18. Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker & Filthy McNasty
  19. Small Town Folk
  20. The Mangler Reborn

Enjoy, and as always leave your thoughts on the board, and let us know what your top indie horror films for 2006 are and look for goons article coming soon.

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