Top Ten Horror Films of 2006


Picking out my "Top Ten" horror films of the year was alot harder than I had imagined. Of course there were a couple that were toss ins but it always comes down to ranking them I'm not so sure where exactly to place them on the list. Keep in mind that this is my list and consist mainly of the films I have seen. Unfortunately I have not been able to see Pans Labyrinth so that film may go on next years.

10. Night Watch - It took forever for Fox to finally release this film and even when they did it was only around 16. When it hit DVD I picked it up and wow. Its definetly a great flick that deserves some more attention. ( Watch an Exclusive NightWatch Clip )

9. Snakes On A Plane - How can you go wrong with Samuel L. Jackson and mother fuckin Snakes? You can't! A great throw back to the cheesy "when animals attack!" films of the past. ( Win a Snakes on a PLane Prize Pack )

8. The Redsin Tower - Not many people have seen this picture but this is one you really need to keep an eye out for. I managed to catch the first screening of the film and I was really blown away. One of the best indies I have seen in a long time.

7. The Hills Have Eyes - This is by far the best remake of the year. Alexandre Aja did a great job improving on every single aspect making this film even better than the original.

6. Slither - A highly underrated film. Well not among us horror fans but it got no respect in the box office which is a real shame. I'm sure DVD sales will put this movie into the black. ( Play our awesome SLITHER Shooter Game )

5. Feast - A great film that rose from the ashes of the Weinstein company and made a splash on DVD. My only wish for this film was that it would have been given a proper theatrical release. ( Watch the Trailer )

4. Hard Candy - A fantastic film. Not a true horror flick but what it contains is truly horrific. Beautifully made and executed. ( watch 6 Hard Candy Clips )

3. 2001 Maniacs - I have loved this film since its release on DVD its only "official release". I was given the opportunity to catch it in a theatre last year and I have been kicking myself since. ( watch a whole whack of 2001 Maniacs Clips )

2. The Descent - A great movie from across the pond. I think the only thing that really held this movie back was the ridiculous ending they tagged onto the end for U.S. audiences. ( Watch a BLOODY Descent Clip )

1. Hostel - What can I say? It was everything I had hoped the film would be. If you want to put alot of thinking into it, you can. If you just want to sit back and enjoy the sights you can do that as well. ( watch 10 Hostel Clips )

So that wraps up my list for 2006. Hopefully next year we will be provided with plenty more flicks to fill up my list.

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