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TerrorFeed has been updated with another cool trailer as we continue to grow our Video collection. The poster for this movie is so bad I ignored the trailer when Goon sent it to me for weeks. The trailer is not like the poster, its good!

One last day. Thats all small town sheriff Wayne, has left before moving away to a better life with his wife Cynthia. But what starts as a typical day, soon turns into a deadly battle for survival.  KAW is the story of a bustling community that comes under attack by a conspiracy of ravens. Clyde was the first to notice the aggressive behavior of the birds as they attacked his farm. But since Clyde long ago lost his good standing in the town, his rantings and complaints are summarily ignored..until things take a drastic turn for the worst.

As it will soon be discovered, local farmer Oskar has been hiding some unnatural developments from the townsfolk...and this leads to the deadly assault the town now must struggle to survive.  When the local girls soccer team comes under siege by the killer ravens, everyone desperately fights their way towards the town diner. Wayne and Doc board up the windows and doors, but to little avail. The ravens have a taste for blood and furiously attack the makeshift stronghold trying to reach the human flesh inside.  There is nowhere to run, and no one is safe. Now Wayne will need to uncover the truth behind the dark flock that waits outside... if the last of the survivors have any hope of making it through the night...

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