Silent Night, Deadly Night Facelift?


Sadly no I am not talking about a great new High Definition transfer of the film to DVD. I am talking about another Christmas themed remake according to Moviehole. I can only assume that the idea came up when they heard Black Christmas was being remade. Maybe they will think twice when they look at the box office numbers though.

Some of you may remember that the original caused quite a ruckus when it was going to appear in theatres across the U.S. The protesting from mothers across the states scared the distributor into pulling the film and landing it a straight to VHS deal.

The original was the story of a little boy who's parents were murdered. He was than sent to an orphanage where the headmisstress took out her agressions on him. Years later he donned a Santa suit and went on a killing spree. A fun flick for Christmas time, you should definetly check it out.

Anyway apparently The Tripper scribe, Joe Harris will be writing the script for Sony Screen Gems. He says it “will not be a remake of the original picture, but a total reimagining using the basic concept as a platform for a new franchise. Extreme attention has been placed on putting together a top-notch, terrifying screenplay as most films in this sub-genre (including the recently released "Black Christmas") have little to no story and very weak scares. The intent is to create a dark and scary film that falls more in line (in terms of tone) with modern released such as "Saw" and "The Descent."”

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