Primeval Coming VERY Soon

With a very odd move Hollywood Pictures has moved their Croc film Primeval up to January 12th. That news comes straight from the official website. Why have they decided to dump the movie on our laps? At this point we have absolutely no idea. It was originally scheduled for a February release and then was pushed back to April. Now we are looking at it being released just two weeks away.

I'm not quite sure what to think of the move. Usually when they do this it is because the film is not very good. I can see moving it out of the April spot to avoid the Grindhouse competition but to just a couple weeks away? If we get any word we'll let you know. So for know enjoy the trailer below and be ready to catch it in theaters sooner then you thought. Also be sure to enter and Win 1 of  5 Huge Primeval Prize Packs

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