Freddy Kruger's Fedora on eBay


The Fedora from Nightmare on Elm Street #1 is now on sale on EBAY. I know what your thinking, you want to get it for me as a belated Xmas gift. I can not say I blame yuh. Oh and buy the way they want $10,000 for it. This hat was worn during one of the most famous scene's of the entire franchise.This was worn by the "stunt" freddy with the long arms in the alley sequence when he runs after tina.

As the stuntman is running with the hat on , Robert Englund is waiting for tina to run into him a moment later with the hat Wes Craven kept.  However, the COA states that indeed Robert did wear this hat for 2 scenes in the film although those 2 scenes was never described. The hat appears to match the scene where Freddy jumps out from behind a tree and cuts of his finger. You can see the 1 inch brim that circumfrences the entire hat. Only the first film hat had this feature and distinguishes itself from the rest of the series. This hat was also intended to be used for the fire sequence at the end of the film and as a result, the ribbon was removed from the hat. In the photos below, you can clearly see the outline where the ribbon once was. It should also be noted that this hat is a PERFECT fit on the David Miller stunt masks made for the film. several other film hats have been tried on the stunt mask but ONLY this mask fits and it fits perfectly.

The hat has been signed IN PERSON by Johnny Depp, Robert Englund, John Saxon, Amanda Weiss, and Heather Langenkamp. The first thing that Robert and Heather commented on when signing the hat was the "smell" of the fedora.Anyone who owns a film-used freddy hat knows that there is a very unique smell that never goes away, but is accentuated when wrapped up in a box for a period of time and then removed. They noticed this immediately and had no doubt that it came from production. Photos of most of the stars are included below as evidence that they indeed signed the hat.The hat came directly from a stuntman who worked on the film by the name of Don Pike. If you look him up in the credits of the film,  you can see his name there. The COA is signed by him and witnessed by other actors/actresses. This is a VERY rare piece for any serious horror collector and any fan of the NOES series. . Go  Buy it for me.

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