Films 4 Food Festival


There is a charity event in Hamilton Ontario called the Films4Food Festival at which a couple of the best movie sites on the internet will be conducting a round table on film! Namely, MoviesOnline, HorrorMovies,ca TheMovieBlog and TwitchFilms to name a few.

All proceeds of the F4FF goes to the Good Shepherd Centre of Hamilton. The Good Shepherd Centre in Hamilton not only runs a busy food bank, but also an emergency family shelter. Every dollar raised does something good . So now your probably asking what will you be doing at the event? Three great films will be screening including Behind the Mask of Leslie Vernon, Shaun of the Dead, and Clerks 2. Behind the Mask will be in theatres this year, and this is your early shot to see the hit film.  

As well you will get to listen and interact in a roundtable discussion about the film industry which will include yours truly. I am not sure why they wanted me to take part in their "expert panel" but luckily for you and me I will already be on the stage before they figure out I dont know squat, and they will be forced to wrestle me off the stage and out the door. Think of the excitement kids!!

On top of that I am working with my friends and contacts at various distributors, pr firms and studios to drum up a great list of prizes to give away at the event. I am going to be giving away dvds, goodies, and all kinds of fun swag to the folks who do show up. I will put together a list of the items as soon as its all finalized. Needless to say true to form I will be giving away some cool stuff! So you will definitely want to attend. You will be supporting a good cause, can win some cool stuff and really feel good about yourself. A $25 donation is requested, so bring some $$$ with you, but if you have more, please donate it. 100% of the money goes to the St Andrews center. The event will be held at:

Films 4 Food Festival
January 20th
The FRWY Coffee House
333 King Street East
Hamilton, Ontario
Time: 11:00am to Midnight!

Prizes that & Have Drumed up
( Big thank you to all the people who donated prizes )

Seven Swords DVD's
Rocky Mini Poster's
Tony Jaa's The Protector DVD's
Land of the Dead Posters
An AFI CreepShow 3 Poster
Battlestar Gallactica Season 2 on DVD
War of the World's(2005) Poster's
House of Flying Daggers Poster's

More Prizes being added soon!

Seating is limited so you dont want to miss out. If you are going to attend please post on the boards so we can make arrangements to hook up and have a drink together. Lets all turn out for a fun event, a good cause and to have a good time. If you are reading this and have a blog, or website of your own, or a myspace page, do me a favor and toss a link to our news item up. You are helping us spread the word for a great event for a really good cause! Make your donation here at the bottom!

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