Thr3e Coming to Theatres This Friday


Surprisingly enough this Friday the first horror film of the year will be hitting theatres.. But get this.. its a christian horror film! Yea and it stars Bill Moseley, Priscilla Barnes, and Marc Blucas. I'm not sure where this movie came from or if this is a good or bad thing that the first horror movie of '07 will be christian based.

One glance over at the official website for the movie though has sparked my interest in the film. Unfortunately it will only be playing in a select amount of theatres it still looks very interesting. The actual movie is based off of a novel by Ted Dekker. Fox Faith Movies will be distributing the picture.

The actual film follows Marc Blucas who stars as a seminary student who is tormented by the serial killer. Soon he heads out to stop him with the help of a criminal psychologist who's brother was a victim to the madman. Check out the official website for the trailer and much more.

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