Robert Kurtzman Directing Bump


Fangoria comics have finally started up and will soon be releasing their first comic book Bump written and drawn by Mark Kidwell and colored by Jay Fotos. Well recently Robert Kurtzman got his hands on the script for the comic and instantly fell in love with the story. He quickly called up the guys and told them he wanted to direct the feature film and use his Precinct 13 Production house for the effects.

This is what Kurtzman had to say about the project, “My relationship with Fangoria spans 20 years and I’m very excited to be involved directing the film adaptation of Mark Kidwell’s BUMP. It’s a horrifiyingly visceral, supernatural tale of terror… a real page turner that I couldn’t stop reading. I’m looking forward to the creative collaboration between producers Scott Licina and Mark Kidwell. We have the same creative instincts and excitement for the genre which makes for a great working relationship. FANGORIA COMICS is also the perfect home for THE RAGE prequel which will expand to a much grander scale and go into what we couldn’t do in the film because of our limited budget.”

Yea you heard right. Fangoria Comics will also be doing a prequel to his film The Rage. The comic wil delve into the origin of the serum. It will be a four issue mini-series called Robert Kurtzman's The Rage: Beneath The Valley of the Rage. So prepare for that to be hitting shelves sometime in the near future.

So until we get some more information on these projects keep it tuned here because as soon as we hear more we'll be letting you know first.

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