Roy Lee Gearing Up More Remakes


Roy Lee is the guy who actually does a good job at making remakes. He is sort of the exact opposite of what Michael Bay does. He has produced such remakes as The Ring, The Departed, and The Lake House. Films with a little class.

Well SciFi Wire is reporting that he has many more films he plans on getting his mitts on including The Host. He hasn't figured out how to remove the heavy anti- American message in the film yet and still make it interesting to a U.S. audience without making it a generic monster movie.

Lee is also working on The Invasion with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. But the big news from all of this is that he is also slated to begin work on The Ring Three. I'm not sure how that will work unless they plan to do what they did in Japan and do a little prequel. In my opinion Ring 0 was the best film out of that series in Japan so hopefully they do go that route. Down the line he also has Ikiru, Oldboy and The Eye all lined up to eventually get remade.

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