More Grindhouse news.....


I'm not sure anyone can keep up with the new news from the Grindhouse front it is coming out so fast. I think only Halloween has news articles coming any faster right now. As if Grindhouse were not cool enough here's another little tidbit to get your mouth watering yet again.

Now we have all heard the Rob zombie has done a faux trailer to be shown in between Roberts and Quentins films. His is for Werewolf Women of the SS and then we heard that Eli Roth has one for a film called Thanksgiving and now the Director of Shaun of The Dead, Edgar Wright, has signed on to create his own faux trailer. what it might be has not been said but considering how much fun SOTD was, I'm not really worried. And this news is on top of Edgar and his Shaun buddies new film Hot Fuzz (click here for the trailer) coming out fairly soon, which is reported to have plenty of blood and guts in it as well.

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