New Severance Clip Online


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What is in the water in the U.K.? How do they manage to release such great looking horror flicks one after the other? Maybe it has something to do with being deprived of some great horror flicks in the Video Nasty era.. The 3 clips we posted months ago on terrorfeed are to the right for your viewing stimulation.

Whatever it is that has made them so sick and twisted.. I love it. Especially the most recent of those flicks, Severance. It looks like The Office meets horror and it has really got me pumped for a great flick. Today a new clip has popped up online and I have to say its pretty damn funny. You can check it out over at The Film Asylum.

Right now they plan on giving the film a limited release on April 6th. But I have a funny feeling that once they realize that is the same day that GrindHouse is being released they might change it up.

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