Friday the 13th Remake Moving Ahead?


Friday the 13th is definetly one of the films that I have been waiting for to be remade. Not because I want the film to be redone but because it was inevitable. One of the biggest movies in the horror genre that even your grandma could tell you is a horror flick.

Awhile back it looked like the film was in a bit of a bind. The rights had been all tied up and Platinum Dunes couldn't get their paws on it. That is until they struck a deal. Today Fangoria is reporting that they spoke with Brad Fuller about the project and he said, "We'll be doing it with Paramount and New Line."

So it looks like the project is once again moving along and is no longer stagnant like Jason in the bottom of Crystal Lake.. So far at this point they have said nothing of what they want to do with the remake but I have a feeling that they are going to want to use Jason with his signature hockey mask.

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