The Body Count Rises For Halloween


Yes.. we have even more cast members to announce thanks to Rob Zombies Official Halloween Blog. It seems however that he is in no rush to get everyone announced right away and is string us along with every announcement.. Apparently even after todays revealing he still has to announce who will play Laurie, Annie, Lynda, Judith, Sheriff Brackett, Kendall Jacks, Grant Clark, Principle Erics, Councilman Edwards, Lindsey Wallace, Tommy Doyle, Deputy Charles, Dr. Koplenson, Barbara Florentine and Morgan Walker. He also promised that no one from The Devils Rejects will fill those roles.

First up he announced that Hanna Hall would be playing Judith Myers. In case you have hard time remembering who she is she has played Forrests girlfriend in Forrest Gump. Lastly he has cast Danny Trejo as Ismael Cruz a sympathetic worker at Smith's Grove Sanitarium, Lew Temple as Nole Kluggs a co-worker of Ismael at Smith's Grove. And last but not least good old Ken Foree as Big Joe Grizzley, a truck driver who encounters Michael on his travels.

So with all that casting here is a little recap of who has already been thrown in the pot:

Dr. Loomis - Malcolm McDowell
Young Michael Myers - Daeg Faerch
Adult Michael Myers - Tyler Mane
Deborah Myers - Sheri Moon Zombie
Mason Strode - Pat Skipper
Cynthia Strode - Dee Wallace Stone
Ronnie White - William Forsythe
Big Joe - Ken Foree
Nole Kluggs - Lew Temple
Ismael Cruz - Danny Trejo

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