Audition: A Disturbing Horror Movie

Goon just added a new film to the site and it looks like it could be a really great film.  I should say that this film does not look like one for kids at all.

While when the film first starts it appears to almost have a romantic comedy feel to it, the film, over the course of the opening hour, produces an elaborate feeling of dread and hopelessness, and you know things are going to get ugly fast.

The infamous torture scene in the climax is EASILY the most disturbing sequence I have ever watched in a film. If somebody could find one more so, I'd LOVE to see it, because I'd find it hard to believe. The scene is so emotionally gut-wrenching because we can't believe this woman who appeared so meek is actually DOING this to this man, and we can see what a history of abuse can do to a person's mindset.

The only criticism I can possibly give this work of art is that some may be put off by how long it takes to develop its plot. Essentially nothing of value happens until about an hour into the movie, but you then realize the set-up was necessary for we as an audience to a) be able to sympathize with the protagonist, Aoyama, despite how manipulative he may have been to the poor girl, and b) to create a strong atmosphere and story so the second half of the film is such a shockfest.

"Audition" is essential for true fans of the horror genre. A brilliantly executed plot, some awfully scary, shocking and disturbing moments, a great cast, and an atmosphere that is incomparable. This film is well worth your time.

Be sure to check out the movie section to see more about this film. To me it looks like a must buy!

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