Friday the 13th Remake Director & Release Date


We caught up with Andrew Form and Brad Fuller to beat them around about the upcoming Friday the 13th Remake. Ok yeah we didnt beat em around but we did get some answers. First and foremost is when we can expect to see the remake. According to the pair we can probably expect to see it sometime in November / December of 2008. That all said and done their is no script, and without that you cant really do much.

Right now they do not have a director, but the wierd part is right after telling us they dont have a director they said that Jonathon Liebesmen ( director of Texas Chainsaw Remake )  is attached. The reason there is some doubt on whether or not Jonathon will direct is because according to Brad and Andrew Jonathon is a very busy guy, and he may have a conflicty. Quote:

But it really depends on his schedule. He’s got a lot of things rolling around right now. So, if he’s available when we have a script, we’d love to work with him again. We had a great experience with him.

Stay tuned, as always we will keep you up to date on all the latest as we get it!

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