Rogue Yanked From Release


This move should come as no surprise to most people who have been following the film. With Primeval making a ballsy move and coming out this Friday Rogue has been completely pulled off the release schedule. Anyone care to guess who did the pulling? Yep, the Weinsteins...

In this case in may be a little reasonable since both films Rogue and Primeval are quite similar dealing with Crocodiles. But this begs the question what is the fate of the film? Will the Weinsteins give it a 500 theater release or maybe pull a Feast and release it over one weekend at midnight.

Whatever the case I have been waiting quite some time to see Greg McLeans follow up to his Wolf Creek. It was heralded as a great film by critics everywhere but has received some mixed reviews from many fans. Regardless his upcoming film still holds some interest.

In Rogue, a beautiful local tour guide (Radha Mitchell) and an American writer on assignment (Michael Vartan), are left waiting in vain to be rescued on an ever-disappearing parcel of dry land, you will never guess their next moveā€¦as terror lies just beneath the surface.

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