Guillermo del Toro's Screamography


Fangoria TV has been launched for quite some time but I never thought much about what they were offering since it seemed that most of the content had to be subscribed for. But today while visiting the site I discovered a very cool original programming piece called "Screamography".

In this installment of the show they do an indepth look at Guillermo del Toro. This man is fucking brilliant! I had no idea how much thought and how much of himself he really gives to each of his films. Not to mention several other things that happened to del Toro as a child that led to his love of monsters and horror.

Do you want to know what happened to Mimic? His original concept for the film was something that really amazed me. If only the big studios would have just listened to del Toro then. To check out everything you ever wanted to know about the man head over to Fangoria TV and watch. Make sure you have at least an hour because you are gonna want to see this thing all the way through.

Not enough del Toro for ya? Well don't forget we had our very own interview with the fat madman right here at You can read that right here.

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