Chan Wook Park's Evil Live Casts Kang Ho San


Been quite some time since I have heard anything about Evil, but considering the director of the film is one of the greatest directors of our time I am stoked for the update! FilmIck has reported that Kang Ho San will star in Chan Wook Park's latest film Live Evil.

Kang Ho San also has a role in The Host. Here's what Chan Wook-Park had to say about this upcoming film:

"It's more about the question of the existence of God and Evil" than a regular vampire movie. "I'm not so interested in the vampire genre per se, but more in the religious theme."

Stay tuned for more info on this film - cause as soon as we hear something new, we'll let you know. Checkout The Host Unrated Trailer for a taste of the magic that is Chan Wook Park

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