More Release Date Changes


Just yesterday we announced that the Weinsteins had chosen to pull Rogue from the release calendar. Well today Freestyle Releasing have made a couple of changes themselves. First off they have moved Nacho Cerda's The Abandoned up two months to February 23rd. Moving that film up meant moving another film back.

Captivity which I have been looking forward to since I caught the trailer in the theatre earlier this year will be getting moved back in limited release to March 16th. To the uninitiated the film stars Elisha Cuthbert as a fashion model who is locked up with her chauffeur. In SAW like fashion a serial killer terrorizes them while they are locked up in a small cell.

Lastly Rogue Pictures have moved their horror/thriller The Strangers to July 13th. The film stars Liv Tyer and Scott Speedman who are trapped in their own remote suburban home by three dangerous masked strangers. One of whom just so happens to be played by hottie Gemma Ward.

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