Lee Perkins is VERY Busy


A good friend of this site Lee Perkins dropped me a line today to let me in on a ton of his upcoming films. He has just finished up on a new vampire flick Live Evil. Apparently in the film human blood has become unfit so they are forced to look elsewhere. Joing Lee in the cast will be Tim Thomerson and Chuck Williams. The official website is up but it won't be open until after filming is complete.

Later on this month he will be playing a renegade priest who will stop at nothing to destroy the anti-christ in Edges of Darkness. This film will be directed by Katrina refuge Jason Horton.

Perkins also wanted to remind us of his upcoming roles in Job, Desolation, and Deadly Rites. Most likely the first film to hit before anything else will be Carnies which we have covered quite a bit on the site. Lee tells us that the film is currently in post and will be seeing the light of day very soon. You can check out the trailer for that film at the Carnies Official Website.

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