Todd Lincoln On Hack/Slash Movie


Todd Lincoln was announced awhile back as the director of the upcoming Hack/Slash director for the upcoming comic to screen project. The comic is definetly one kick ass read dealing with Cassie Hack and her hulking partner in crime Vlad. Today he spoke with AICN about the film and had some reassuring things to say:

"Expect a smart, scary, new-generation, blood-soaked, breast-laden, Hard-R frightfest with all the detail and character work of the best auteur films.

Tonally, the movie is much more grounded and serious than the comic. We’re playing this film straight, suspenseful, vicious and bloody. This is not a parody. This is not a self-aware, post-modern, campy retro-trip. The goal is to create something special. Not just a love letter to slasher films, but a film that reconstructs, reinvigorates and elevates the genre in the same way that INDIANA JONES, STAR WARS, TERMINATOR, JAWS, and KILL BILL did for their respective B-movie genres.

We’re going to make the slasher film scary again

Lets hope that Lincoln can walk the walk because he can sure as hell talk the talk. He also confirmed that the script is all done and that they hope to begin shooting late Spring and get the film in theaters everywhere sometime in '08. You can check out the rest of the interview over at AICN which has a lot more kick ass info.

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