First Footage From The Third Mother!


Dario Argento is without a doubt one of the best directors that the horror genre has ever had and probably will ever have. His first two films in the mothers triology Inferno and Suspiria were two classic films that will ever remain in the films that every horror fan should see.

So the excitement surrounding the final film in the series is definetly abound for fans of Argento's work. He has brought us some fantastic films along with some less than stellar entries. So we are all hoping that his newest film starring his daughter and hottie Asia Argento, goes well.

Today those twisted folks at Twitch found a clip from a broadcast about different films that are being made in Italy. Among those is of course Argento. Fortunately it is in English and all you have to do is forward it to 2:05 and you will be right were you need to be to catch the brief clip. Check it out right here and be sure to keep it here for more on the film as it unfolds.

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