Rob Zombies Script Review Uproar


Today a review for Rob Zombies Halloween script went up over at AICN. I for one am not into reading that kind of thing because it often ruins or cheapens the thrill of seeing the movie in the theater and all you can think about is that damn script you read. So usually I read the response that people give to said response that someone else had to the script.

Now one thing that I heard from the script is that we will get to see Danielle Harris buck naked. Now that will score points with any male horror fan. Lets face it, Harris is a hottie. But something that most people are bitching and moaning about is the fact that "oh my god" Rob Zombie is changing up the story! How could he do such a thing! Note my sarcasm.

Yea Rob plans on giving little Mikey a backstory. OK where was everybody when Rob Zombie said this right from the get go? Now all of a sudden its a big deal? OK.. calm down big guy and repeat to yourself "Its only a movie..Its only a movie". Rob Zombie is making a DIFFERENT movie. A REMAKE. Who wants to go into the theater and watch the same damn thing again? Boo fuckin whoo whooo.. No one is forcing anyone to go see the movie and to wish death on a director? WTF? Thats crazy talk! I don't even wish death on Uwe Boll.

On top of all that this isn't even the same Michael Myers. This is a RETELLING. Its like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake, its not going to effect the other Michael created by John Carpenter. This is how Rob Zombie envisions his own Michael Myers. Its not like Rob Zombie is going to go through the vaults in Hollywood and burn every last film cannister of John Carpenters Halloween.

You know whats even worse! Filming hasn't even began yet! Well thats my two cents on this matter. I say talk about the remake whether you like the movie or not. But don't freak out and wish death upon anyone or freakin pop an eye vessel worrying about it.

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