Motel Hell Remake On the Way?


When I was growing up my Dad was a huge influence on what horror films I was watching. One of my fathers favorite horror films had to be Motel Hell. He would always walk around the house and spout the line, "It takes all kinds of critters, to make Farmer Vincents Fritters!".

So today when B-D was reporting that Motel Hell is up for a remake I was actually a little surprised. I'm not really sure why MGM is planning this remake because its not really a hugely popular film but I guess the little cult following that it does have prompted this remake.

In the original film Farmer Vincent kidnaps unsuspecting travellers, cuts their vocal cords and buries them in his garden. He and his wife then feed them all kinds of fattening foods to get them nice and ripe. Soon they are good to go to be made into his famous Fritters that are sold at his shop. While the plot sounds rather vicious it is actually played out more like a horror comedy.. a spoof.

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