Kevin Smith Updates His Horror Project


If there is one film that I am looking forward to that doesn't even have one line written on the page yet, its Kevin Smiths upcoming horror film. The man is a master of making small budget films and making them rock. So it seems like horror would just be the next logical step for the man. sat down with the man and asked him what is happening with the film so far, "Horror flick is all up here (points to brain); I just have to put it down here (pretends to type). I've just been using acting as an excuse to not sit down and not write. For me, I don't know; it's kind of coming down to me wanting to do this comedy and me wanting to do this horror flick. And I feel like I should do the horror flick because I've done seven comedies in 12 years, and I don't feel like a filmmaker most days; I just feel like a guy who makes those movies set in that universe. So if I really want to test myself or push myself, I'd try and make something completely out of my safety zone, completely out of my genre – that said, I've never tested myself, so why would I start now."

During the interview he also commented that Mark Steven Johnson had asked him to direct an episode of Preacher. But at this point he says he wouldn't really like to do it because he is afraid that he would mess up something that he liked so much in the comics. If you want to check out more of what the big man had to say check out the rest of the interview over at Comingsoon.

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