Gary Shermans 39 is Picked Up


Gary Sherman hasn't directed a feature film in almost twenty years so the announcement of 39: A Film By Carrol McKane was made everyone was very surprised. Lucky for us it was a horror project. You may have seen his best film to date Dead & Buried which was written by the very talented Dan O'Bannon.

Today Jinga films announced that have purchased the rights to his recent film. No word on what they plan to do with the film. So far it has been shown at a couple of film festivals so we will have to wait and see what transpires from this deal.

Carroll McKane’s DV cams have recorded the deaths of his 36 past victims. His killing room, a makeshift studio, is the set for the murders of two more victims and the torture of a forensic psychiatrist, destined to be his biographer and the killer of his final victim... number 39.

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