Tom Savini's Sea of Dust Updates


Been awhile since we heard anything about Tom Savini and his new project Sea of Dust. Honsetly not sure we have even discussed it here yet. I know Goon and I love talking about Tom ever since we met him.

SEA OF DUST, the “dream like” retro-horror movie starring genre legend Tom Savini (FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, GRINDHOUSE), is proud to announce the addition of exclusive interviews to its official website:   Intended to tide over the faithful awaiting its mid-2007 premiere, fans can now peer into SEA OF DUST’s murky depths.

First up is an exclusive interview with legendary Hammer Scream Queen, Ingrid Pitt (star of THE VAMPIRE LOVERS and COUNTESS DRACULA), courtesy of Canadian magazine Rue Morgue.   Ingrid discusses her recent audio commentary for the COUNTESS DRACULA Special Edition, her upcoming book “The Hammer Xperience,” and her many fond memories of SEA OF DUST (a film she calls “one of the best I have ever worked on”).  Other profiled cast members include Bill Timoney (MISSION TO MARS) and Pete Barker (SATAN’S WHIP).  Go checkit out on their site if you like. I know Goon will as Tom Savini's #1 fan!!

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