Goyer Changes Up The Invisible


David Goyer has always kept his films in very dark territory. Blade, Threshold, and even Batman Begins were all projects that he worked on that still maintained a very dark theme throughout. So it really comes as no surprise that he would be directing the remake to the Swedish film The Invisible.

The Invisible centers on a young man, who is the subject of an attack and is left for dead in the forest. But he finds himself walking around, invisible to the people around him. Sci Fi Wire recently sat down with Goyer to discuss the changes he will be making for the U.S. version.

"We changed the ending for this movie, for this version. Without giving too much away, we didn't do the cliché. Everyone always says, 'Oh, they [remake] a foreign film, and they change the ending, and they make it a happy ending." We didn't do that. We didn't do the bullshit [ending]. ... If anything, we went a more tragic in some ways. ... The biggest issue I had with the original Swedish film was I thought they kind of copped out on the ending."

Sounds like a film with balls. Lets hope it was a smart move. You can check out The Invisible in theaters on April 13th.

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