Kurosawa's Retribution Teaser Trailer


It has been quite some time since I have posted any kind of Asian horror on the site. So today when I stumbled upon a new movie by one of the best, Kiyoshi Kurosawa I had to give it some more exposure. Thanks to the hounds over at Twitch they were able to dig up the teaser trailer for Kurosawas latest feature Retribution.

Kiyoshi Kurosawa is responsible for many J-Horror staples such as the original Pulse, Cure, and many others. This particular film is being produced by another J-Horror legend Taka Ichise who produced Ringu and Juon along with countless others. This film in particular centers on a investigator who is suffering from lapses in his memory while trying to figure out who is killing people around his district. Soon he is struck with the thought that he may be the killer. Check out the teaser below and you can scope out the semi functional website here.

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