The Lunar Pack Horror Movie Filming in August

With October quickly closing in, Hocus Focus Productions prepares for the final shoot days of THE LUNAR PACK.  Principle photography for all three shorts are now complete. The bonus music video clip is being supplied by The Supervillains ( ) and HFP has scheduled the Mistress Misty (Debbie Rochon) segment shooting.  Three press releases follow explaining the film's development.

Award winning independent director, Jason Liquori, is returning to his alma mater with horror icon, Debbie Rochon, to complete
his newest straight to DVD project. The Lunar Pack includes three shorts about werewolves and will be released in time for Halloween. Debbie Rochon is creating a new character that will introduce the three shorts and reveal her own secrets in the process.

Liquori, a Bronx native, shot portions of his first straight to video feature at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in 1998. He said, "I am excited about returning to one of my favorite locations to shoot. While on campus, I dreamed up many of the stories I have been telling in my movies."

Starting to be recognized at film festivals in his new home base of Florida, Liquori received "The Shortie" at the 2003 Showcase Shorts(TM) International Film Festival for "Hit and Miss." Other shorts have also been shown at festivals in the Florida area, including the Tambay Film and Video Festial and Saints and Sinners I & III.

This time, Liquori believes he has picked a group of stories with a built in market. "Horror films have an audience searching for new, unusual  stories," he said. "The Lunar Pack will give people just that, mixing horror with humor and a bit of mystery.  Expect endings reminiscent of The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, which I watched plenty of as a kid."

Ms. Rochon has done more than 100 independent films and was named "Scream Queen of the Decade" in 2002 by Draculina, during a voter poll. With several other awards under her belt, including the prestigious Barbarella Award, Ms. Rochon is squeezing this Hocus Focus Production shoot into her schedule, which includes many festivals.

Liquori plans to do the shoot with Ms. Rochon in one day. "As usual we are on a tight budget and a tight deadline," he quipped. "August 24 is the one day we can all be in New York to get the job done."

Source:  Patrice E. Athanasidy

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