Horror Invading the Summer?


It appears that the suits are actually not paying attention to numbers and are instead trying to push their horror films into the summer months. We saw this happen awhile back when the Weinsteins pushed up Halloween to August 31st. Now two other films have followed suit.

First off is Stephen Kings 1408 which has been pushed back two months. Now we can see this Samuel L. Jackson pic on July 13th. Next to change up its release will be the period zombie film Fido which was first going to be coming in March has now been pushed back to June 15th.

Some other horror movies that are going to be laying out in the summer sun include Eli Roths Hostel: Part 2 on June 8th. Which will be followed by Skinwalkers on the fourth of July, The Invasion and Priest on August 17th, and One Missed Call on August 24th. All the dates are subject to change but this is one big line up for a time of year that is never good for Horror.

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