Fido Comes Early in Canada


Goon was SOOO wrong. He told you all that FIDO was pushed back to June 15th and man oh man was he wrong. Never believe goon I tell yuh. Its coming to theatres March 16th in Canada, but June 15th in the US. Oh wait.... ok so maybe Goon was half right, but i wouldnt trust him. He has shifty eyes. On a serious note, FIDO is gonna kick some serious ass and I am stoked for its arrival.

Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connolly and Henry Czerny star in Fido, a biting  satire set in a small town lost in the idyllic world of the ’50s. The sun shines  every day, everybody knows his neighbor, and zombies serve as gardeners, milkmen and servants. Here lives a young boy (newcomer K’Sun Ray) and  his best friend – the family zombie named Fido. All is well until Fido’s domestication collar goes on the fritz.

It’s a story that could rip your heart out – literally! With saturated color that recalls the Technicolor era, the  film marks the second feature from Vancouver director Andrew Currie  (Mile Zero). Script is by Currie, Robert Chomiak and Dennis Heaton. Producers are Blake Corbet and Mary Anne Waterhouse of Anagram Pictures.

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