Raise The Dead Issue #1 Zombie Comic!

Rock on my zombie loving friends. Dynamite Entertainment have given us the complete low down on RAISE the dead, an all-new original horror tale set in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Raise the Dead is being written by Leah Moore and John Reppion, with illustrations by Dynamite’s latest up and coming artistic sensation Hugo Petrus! Scheduled for a March debut, Raise The Dead #1 will be available with covers by Arthur Suydam and Sean Phillips, both of Marvel Zombie fame! Additionally, the Sean Phillips cover for Raise The Dead #1 will be available in a special glow-in-the-dark edition!

According to Dynamite, “Zombie tales have become a genre all their own, and we’re just dying to be a part of all the undead action. Regardless of how many zombie movies, books, video games and comics already exist, fans always want more, and they appreciate it being done right. Raise the Dead is going to give fans of the undead all they crave in the most traditional way possible but with an interesting twist to keep the story unique and readers on the edge of their seat.

“The concept from writers Leah Moore and John Reppion is a fast paced tale that hits the ground running - a grim world on the brink of being overrun by the living dead. But it’s not just another hack and slash zombie tale- there’s a back story that will have fans rereading each issue again and again, and characters that readers can relate to (but shouldn’t get too attached to.) Our latest up and coming artistic sensation, Hugo Petrus, is one of the talents responsible for ‘raising the dead’. The way Hugo brings the story to life (or afterlife) is going to make him the next ‘Dynamite’ superstar in no time! Additionally, fan favorite zombie artists Arthur (Marvel Zombies) Suydam and Sean (Marvel Zombies) Phillips are providing the cover art. Both cover artists are bringing fans more of what they loved about Marvel Zombies- Arthur by rendering some of America’s most iconic images into undead classics! And Sean with his grim images of brain-craving zombie hordes!”

About working on Raise The Dead, writers Leah Moore and John Reppion added, “Raise The Dead is a dream project for us; we’ve always fanaticized about doing a zombie series together. Now that our wish has been granted, prepare yourselves for a gloriously gory journey into an America in the grip of an undead plague. Just remember: aim for the head!”

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