James Wan talks SAW IV


Some new SAW 4 updates come from the UK over at IGN, courtesy of FilmStalker. James Wan says they have a certain direct in mind to direct the film and also addresses how they will be able to do saw 4. In reference to a director:

"We have someone in mind [to direct]...And we're working on the script right now. That's pretty much where things are at. Saw IV is a tricky one for me to talk about because everyone wants to know about it, but it's just at such an early stage."

In case your wondering who the director is rumor has it its David Hackl Directing Saw 4 Then James wan goes on about how they can do saw 4, after saw 3's outcome.

"That's kind of a weird one to answer only because pretty much all of the Saw films take place in so many different timelines," explained Wan. "Sometimes the film touches here, but then it goes all the way forward but then it goes all the way backward again.

It does touch on so many different time frames. Is [Saw IV] a prequel or sequel? It's kind of all intermixed. We jump everywhere, and Saw III did setup a lot of elements where Saw IV may end up going."

This franchise is gonna go awhile yet. Its a cash cow for Lionsgate, but I also predict they are gonna get worse as they go just like other franchises. They should really put this dog down while it still has a big fan base.

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