Watch the SERUM Trailer


I love indie horror. To be more specific I like the indie horror that is GOOD. This new flick Serum looks to have a ton of promise. We just got sent a kick ass trailer for it. At first glance it looks extremely familiar, like say Re-Animator. Despite all the similarities though, this movie only needs you to check out its trailer and its poster and it will wow you. I have to say this is one good looking flick. Check out the synopsis:

While searching for a "cure all" serum, Dr. Edward Kanopolus, "Dr. K" (David H. Hickey, Sin City), is being pressured for results by the pharmaceutical company funding the project. With time running out, tragedy and desperation drive him to make decisions that will jeopardize the lives of everyone around him and ultimately unleash a terrifying monster on a killing spree. Watch the Serum Trailer!

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