Pan's Labyrinth Kicks While The Hitcher Squirms


The weekend box office numbers in and they don't lie. Pan's Labyrinth is a film that you definetly have to check out. Guillermo del Toro's dark fairy tale just expanded over the weekend to play in 609 theaters and took in a respectable $4.7 million. Placing the film in seventh place over the weekend.

The Hitcher remake on the other hand opened up in fourth place making about $8.2 million in 2,831 theaters. Thats not awfully bad but considering that its not gonna have much legs they were probably hoping for much more. But I'm sure this one defeat will not make Platinum Dunes think twice about remaking some more classics.

This weekend I made my voyage to the closest theater that was playing Pan's Labyrinth and I was not disappointed. I'm glad to see that the numbers are showing that people will go out and see a movie that is brilliantly written even if it has subtitles.

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